3 Brand-New Period Dramas to Fill the “Bridgerton”-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

If you’re a sucker for period dramas, you’ll be pretty busy discovering new films this July. Many amazing new projects that fall under this genre are coming our way, and these three promising films will do a great job filling that Bridgerton-shaped hole in your heart.


Adaptations of Jane Austen’s iconic novels are never going out of style, and Persuasion is the latest to get a Netflix makeover. This film centers on a young woman who reunites with a man she once turned down due to his humble background, and it stars Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, and Henry Golding.

Mr. Malcolm’s List

After being adapted into a short film, Mr. Malcolm’s List is now getting a full-length adaptation starring Freida Pinto and Sope Dirisu. It centers on a titular Mr. Malcolm, a wealthy suitor who has a lengthy list of demands for his future wife.

Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris

Based on Paul Gallico’s novel, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris is a rare period drama that puts a middle-aged woman front and center. It centers on a widowed cleaning lady, played by the brilliant Lesley Manville, who decides to travel from London to Paris after becoming obsessed with a couture Dior dress during the 50s.

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