Here are Some Simple Ideas to Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

Having a garden is lovely and there are endless exciting options for what to do with it. Many of these options require some hard work but are very often worth it. However, certain garden practices can negatively affect the local ecosystems. If you have a garden, then try these ideas to help make it more eco-friendly.

Start a Compost Pile

Food waste is a huge contributor to climate change, as it’s an unnecessary addition to the landfill and releases gases as it breaks down. Instead, start a compost pile in a secluded corner of your garden. Not only will this reduce the food waste sent to the landfill, but garden wildlife will love the rich nutrients this pile provides. 

Stop Using Strong Chemicals

Bringing out the heavy-duty weed killers and pesticides can be tempting when gardening. However, as much as you might like to achieve a picturesque garden space, these products have horrendous effects on the natural wildlife and ecosystems. Research non-toxic alternatives to these products, or simply get your hands dirty with some good old-fashioned weeding. 

Replace Plastic Items With Natural Materials

Many gardening and outdoor activities seem to require plastic items to be used. For example, plants that are being held in place with bailer twine. After some time, these items can break apart and leave plastic pollution across your green space. Instead, try to find string made of natural fibers and other similar solutions.

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