How to Gradually Start Your Digital Detox

Everyone knows the statistics about the negative effects of too much screen time. Many of us will have experienced firsthand these unpleasant outcomes, including headaches and eye strain, not to mention the negative feelings from comparisons and the sense of wasted time. Therefore, many of us would like to reduce this screen time, often referred to as a ‘digital detox’.

The idea is to cleanse the mind and body of those negative experiences that occur from technology obsession. However, it’s common to feel quite reliant on these gadgets and the idea of detoxing from them might feel a bit daunting. Here’s some advice on how to get started on this process.

Introduce a Cut Off Time in the Evenings

A very common and unfortunate outcome of excess screen time is the impact it has on our sleep. While screen time during the day can influence this, the negative effects become much worse during the evening. Instead of cutting out your tech time completely, gradually introduce a time limit to help you wind down properly before bed.

Find Fun Activities to Try Instead

Many of us were around long before cell phones and other technology were around, and so we should know how to entertain ourselves without the digital world. Try out different activities, such as reading, doing a crossword, or playing a board game. See which ones you enjoy and try to reach for those instead of your phone when you have some downtime.

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