Hairstyles from Olivia Rodrigo’s Instagram That You Need in Your Life This Summer

Olivia Rodrigo has been rocking our world with her Y2K-inspired style ever since breaking into the scene, and she’s showing no signs of stopping. Her looks are a great source of fashion and beauty inspiration, and here are some of her best easy-to-copy hairstyles to try this summer.

Butterfly Clips

Colorful hair clips are a staple of 2000s fashion, and Rodrigo loves them as much as the rest of us. Butterfly clips are her personal favorite – she even wore them to the Met Gala—and they’re an especially great fit for the summer.

Spikey Updo

If you have hair as long as Rodrigo’s, you’ll probably spend most of the summer wearing it up. Luckily there are many stylish hairstyles you can try, and her signature spikey updo is one of the very best.

Space Buns

Space buns were all the rage during the 2000s and the “Drivers License” singer is one of the biggest celebrity fans of this hairstyle. They’re effortless and easy to copy and can help you fight the heat by wearing your hair up this summer.

Baby Braids

If you decide to wear your hair down, but still want to make it stylish and give it a beach vibe, baby braids will get you there.

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