Etsy is Putting Checkered Print Back on the Map


The checkered print is never going out of style and we can count on it to make a comeback when we least expect it. This simple, yet stylish pattern is going stronger than ever this summer, and here are some of the best ideas to welcome it into your home from Etsy’s Instagram page.

Checkered Pillows

Looking for an easy way to welcome pretty much any trendy print into your home without putting in too much effort or spending a lot of money? A new set of pillowcases will get you there!

Checkered Coasters

Coasters are another tiny item that you can use to welcome pretty much any home décor trend into your home. They’re tiny and useful – and these ones from Etsy come in all the colors of the rainbow and you can use them to ensemble a colorful chess board.

Checkered Holders

If burning incense and candles happens to be your idea of self-care, all you need is a nice holder that matches the vibe. This one will take your experience to the next level and make your home even more Zen.

Checkered Furniture

If tiny décor pieces simply don’t do it for you, and you want to go all the way with this trendy print, buying checkered furniture pieces is just the thing for you.

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