What to Know Before Getting a Bikini Wax

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to lounge by the pool and cool off in the water. That also means that it’s time to get our grooming underway down under. Whether you’re a pube noob or well-versed in having someone rip the strip, these tips will make your wax a more pleasant experience.

Let It Grow

If you read that in Elsa’s voice, good for you. The first step to ensure the process goes smoother (ahem) is making sure your hair is long enough. Anything less than a quarter of an inch long will result in more pulling and more pain.

Check Your Schedule

It is best to avoid the period around your period when booking a wax. Bodies are extremely sensitive during this time, meaning that the experience will hurt more than normal. Block out five days before and five days after that time of the month.

Freshen Up

It’s a good idea to take a shower or bath before heading to the salon, both as a courtesy to your therapist and to make you feel less self-conscious. Using a gentle exfoliant will also help to prevent nasty ingrown hairs from forming.

Comfy Clothing

Ripping hair from your skin will naturally leave it feeling a little sensitive. And so, it’s smart to wear loose clothing that won’t cause friction in the area. It’s also recommended to avoid exercise until the following day or until the redness calms down.

Pop a Pill

No matter how well you prepare, the sad news is that getting a bikini wax will hurt. But the good news is that you can take a tablet to lessen the pain. Popping a pain reliever half an hour before your appointment will give the meds time to kick in before the waxing gets underway.

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