Give Bloating the Boot With These Tips

A large part of the holidays tends to focus around food. With family gatherings, customary dishes, and your Aunt Leanne insisting you have another helping, it can all result in lots and lots of eating. 

The unfortunate consequence is that one can be left feeling super bloated. Although indigestion is normal after overeating, it’s far from comfortable. Here are some things you can do to help. 

H20 to the Rescue

Water is definitely your friend. Hydrating will help flush out your digestive system and also prevent constipation.

Time for Tea

Another liquid which can be helpful is tea. Opt for mint tea as the herb is known for aiding digestion, or ginger tea as the root has anti-inflammatory properties which can ease bloating. 

Get Some Fresh Air

Going for a walk after a big meal will promote peristalsis—the contraction of your digestive muscles. Take a light stroll and don’t do anything too hectic, as vigorous movement could leave you feeling nauseated. 

Fill Up on Fiber

Make sure to increase your fiber intake the day after a large meal. Whole grains, oatmeal, chia, fruits, and veggies are all excellent sources of fiber. 

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