How to Keep Your Hair Safe This Winter

As the weather changes, you may find your hair starting to change, too. Winter tends to be more brutal on our locks than summer, and so certain things should be done during the colder months to give our hair the care it needs. 

Goodbye, Air Dry

Summer style was all about letting our hair dry naturally, but that can be rather dangerous during winter. When hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state. Going outside with wet hair can actually cause it to freeze in the cold and break off.

Condition with Care

Hair can tend to feel more dry and brittle during winter, tempting you to use more conditioner. But, be mindful with how often you deep-condition, as this can lead to damage in the long-run. Rather start off by applying conditioner to damp hair, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse, wash with shampoo, rinse, squeeze out some of the water, apply a hair mask, and rinse out thoroughly after a few minutes. 

Harmful Headwear

Hats and beanies are an easy way to keep warm in winter, but they can be harmful for your hair. Such headwear is usually made of wool which can cause a lot of friction on your strands. Look for beanies and hats that are lined with satin or silk to keep you and your hair protected. 

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