Easy Color Ideas for Halloween-Inspired Makeup

Halloween is an exciting time of the year, as the seasons change and people embrace their spooky side. Dressing up for a party or club is always fun, and people often create incredible makeup looks to accompany their outfits. However, if makeup isn’t your strong suit, here are three really easy ways to use fun colors to add some Halloween glam. 

Gray Lipstick

This is a really effective and really simple color trick. You may have to search around a bit for a suitable product, but once you find it you’ll see the spooky vibes it creates with minimal effort or skill. Just pair it with winged black eyeliner for a witchy look.

Red Eyeliner

You can choose liquid or pencil eyeliner for this. Either outline your eyes with a deep crimson or get more creative with winged designs. Red around the eyes will instantly give off spooky Halloween vibes, and you can add whatever you like to your outfit to create a zombie-like image.

Black Nail Polish

Another super simple hack, that when used with your Halloween fancy dress will create an essence of vampy glamor. You’d be surprised how much this nail color adds to your overall look.

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