3 Halloween Nail Looks to Try

Celebrate spooky season with some cute (or scary) artwork on your nails. All of these nail looks are stunning, original, and sure to get you in the Halloween mood!

Sweet Scare

For a cute rather than creepy look, opt for something similar to this chocolate-based set which features sweet images of ghosts and pumpkins. There’s nothing ghoulish about these nails, but they are in keeping with the season.

Skeleton Surprise

Check out these stunning nails which feature a beautiful purple hue and skeleton illustrations. This look is perfect for the big day itself, as it brings plenty of drama and Halloween style.

Orange Ombré

The beautiful shades on these nails are eye-catching and provide the perfect balance of pretty and spooky. Again, these illustrations are more cute than scary, but you could add some more edge with a bat or skeleton motif.

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