Have You Tried This New Fashion Trend?

Fall always brings a whole host of new looks with it, and this season is no different. From a focus on scarlet as the shade of the season, to looks that feature plenty of pleats, there are loads of new looks to try. What about the new peplum trend? An update on the original nineties style, peplum blouses can add flair and interest to a standard outfit.

Classic Chic

Check out this clean-lined grey look, which could be styled in a variety of ways and worn as a daytime or evening look. The emphasized shape can mean that slim-leg pants can balance the style better than wide-legged pants.

Cropped Peplum

If you’re worried about the excess material a peplum blouse can have, why not try a cropped peplum? This means you can enjoy the drama that a peplum style brings, without feeling swaddled in excess fabric.

Bold and Bright

Make a real style statement by opting for a bright, boldly patterned peplum look. This can be mixed up with other patterned pieces or worn with dark pants for a more subtle look.

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