3 Best Coffee Table Books for Art Lovers

Oftentimes, home decor comes down to the small touches. The pillowcases you choose for your couch, the glasses, and the books you have on your coffee table. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your space or thinking about a gift for someone, these are three books that every art lover will love to have in their space. 

Pools From Above

Sometimes all we have to do to find beauty is to look at ordinary objects from an unusual perspective. That’s exactly what photographer Brad Wall’s stunning Pools From Above offers. Your guests will love the taste of summer they get as they flip through the pages.

A History of Graphic Design (Taschen)

This book will be a source of inspiration for any art lover. The collection covers important moments in graphic design over the last 130 years. It’s also a great historical reference book for anyone looking to dig deeper into graphic design.

MoMA Now: Highlights from the Museum of Modern Art

With MoMA Now, you can take a piece of one of the most renowned museums home. The book was published for the 90th anniversary of the museum and features a wide range of work.

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