Drink More Water With This One Tip

Wellness comes from a multitude of places, and one of those places is our nutrition. The foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis affect our mental health so much more than some people realize, and water is one drink that can really help along the way. But while it’s become trendier than ever to talk about drinking water, it’s a lot easier said than done. If you’re struggling with drinking water on a regular basis, here’s a tip that may help.

Drink it in the Right Context

You’d be surprised how much can change in your life when you reframe the context of a given situation. When you’re at the store deciding what drink to buy, and you’re not used to drinking water, you’ll hate the idea of getting it—because you’re comparing it to all the other “tasty” drinks you could be buying.

Don’t go for the water in those moments because you’ll only resent it down the line. Instead, drink water in moments where you wouldn’t normally drink anything else. Pour yourself a glass in transition periods, like when you’re walking by the kitchen and on your way to the den. Do it in moments that don’t require much thought or concentration. By doing this, you’ll trick your mind into loving water without getting too bogged down by the choice of it all. And soon you’ll be obsessed with good old-fashioned H2O!

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