Don’t Let Dry Eyes Get You Down This Winter

With its harsh winds and dry air, winter often wreaks havoc on our hair and skin. You may find that your eyes also feel more sensitive during the colder months. Rather than suffer from dry, scratchy, peepers between November and April, try these methods for some relief.


Winter often has low humidity and indoor heating systems don’t help. Instead of freezing by turning off the radiator, simply invest in a humidifier to work in tandem. The humidifier will restore some much-needed moisture to the air—just make sure you clean it regularly as bacteria love moist spots, too. 

Eye Drops

Eye drops should be a staple in your bag over the winter months. A couple of drops can bring relief by replenishing the fluid in your eye, and there are even ointments that can help with severely dry eyes. Ask an optometrist or pharmacist which would suit you best.

Warm Compress

Pressure can also bring some respite from the discomfort. As part of your nighttime routine, soak a washcloth in warm water and hold it against your eyes. The moisture and warmth should soothe them, especially after a long day. 


When out and about, wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the elements. Not only will Polaroid lenses protect against harmful UV rays, but wearing something over your eyes should block out some of the wind.

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