Dermatologists Don’t Want You Doing This Contour Hack

If bronzer is your favorite beauty product, you’ve probably come across the new trend called “sunscreen contouring”. Everybody loves when their face looks more sculpted and the easiest way to achieve that is by adding shadow in the form of bronzer. But, the TikTok community has come up with a hack that is meant to leave you chiseled even after the make-up comes off. 

Known as suntan contouring or sunscreen contouring, the idea is to apply a stronger SPF on the parts of your face where you would place highlighter, thus leaving the areas around darker and causing a “naturally snatched” effect.

Although it sounds good in theory, dermatologists say it definitely isn’t a good idea. 

Applying sunscreen unevenly will result in skin that ages quicker in certain parts, which can bring about wrinkles. It is also almost impossible to control where the sun will choose to hit as radiation bounces off sand, cement, water, and other elements. Thus, it is far more likely that you’ll end up with a patchy sunburn than the snatched look you’re after. 

If you are seeking something a little more long-lasting, peel-off tint is one method to try. Make-up lovers have been applying the gel to parts of their face where they would typically put bronzer with the tint even holding up underwater.

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