Valspar’s Colors For 2023 Are Gorgeous


Life is better when it’s colorful, wouldn’t you agree?

The shades around us actually have a major impact on our moods and psyche, which is why the terms “seeing red” and “feeling blue” exist. Having the right color in a room does way more than complement the aesthetic—it can have a calming or uplifting influence, as well as convey a series of emotions, depending on the hue. 

With the end of 2022 just a few months away, Valspar has announced its 2023 Colors of the Year and they’re all based on color psychology. 

According to basic theory, red represents strength and excitement, yellow is creative and joyful, blue conveys loyalty and trust, black is sophisticated, purple is luxurious, and green gives a sense of healing.  

Valspar has selected 12 colors for its annual collection, with each shade linked to a specific vibe.

“I believe that the colors are part of our core memory, reflecting the essence of the sensorial experience,” says Sue Kim who is the color marketing manager at the paint manufacturer. “The colors we choose for our home reflect how we want to capture those positive moments and make them a lasting experience at home.”

Amongst the 2023 palette is a muted clay with brown undertones known as Southern Road which is linked to contentment, a midnight blue that is meant to revive you called Everglade Deck, and sage green named Green Trellis that will calm you. 

Here is the full list:

  • Everglade Deck 
  • Green Trellis
  • Ivory Brown
  • Desert Carnation 
  • Holmes Cream 
  • Cozy White 
  • Gentle Violet 
  • Villa Grey 
  • Flora 
  • Southern Road 
  • Blue Arrow 
  • Rising Tide 
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