Brighten Up Your Eyes With These Makeup Tips

For some of us, sleep is a luxury. And it shows. Dull eyes are the quickest way to tell that you didn’t get all 40 winks the night before. While we suggest that you have a few earlier nights, here are some makeup tips to fake it in the meantime. 

Get in Line

When we’re tired, our lower waterline turns red. The best way to disguise this is with a kohl liner in the color cream. While some may tell you to use white, the cream gives a more natural look while brightening.

Lift it Up

One way to create a lifted effect is to use the light-colored pencil in the waterline at the bottom of the eye and contrast it with a darker one. By lining the top waterline and outer edge with a dark kohl, you can create a lifted shape.

In the Shadows

The eyeshadow color we use can also have a big impact. Some shades may emphasize the redness in the eye, so opt for shades that make your peepers pop. If you have blue eyes, for example, try using warm, earthy tones like copper and bronze.

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