Brief Guide to Putting a Healthy Twist on Your Donuts

Deep-fried and covered in sugar, donuts don’t really get a good rap when it comes to their nutritious properties. Despite being delicious and beloved, they’re one of the unhealthiest sweet treats on the market, but you can make them a little bit better with these useful tips.

Switch Up Your Flour

Flour is the main ingredient you’ll use when baking donuts, so make sure it’s a good one. If regular wheat flour is your go-to choice, try switching to some healthier alternatives, such as buckwheat, oat, and almond flour.

Frying Method

Most people can’t imagine preparing donuts without deep-frying them, but that’s one of the main reasons why they’re so unhealthy. Consider preparing them in your oven or an air fryer, if you own one.

Lower Sugar Content

Even if you end up baking your donuts to make them healthier, you can still ruin them with the sugar glaze. Luckily, donuts can taste just as delicious without the glaze if you pick the right toppings.

Healthy Toppings

Speaking of toppings, they can help you up the fiber and protein intake of your donuts instead of making them unhealthy. Ditch sugar glaze, Nutella, and colorful sprinkles for homemade spreads, nuts, and fruits.

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