3 Tips for Reading Before Bed Without Getting Sleepy

If reading happens to be your favorite pastime, but you struggle to find time to do it, you probably often read before going to bed. This seems like a good strategy until you slowly start falling asleep. Reading before sleep has the same effect on many people and these useful tips can help you do it more effectively.

Don’t Lay Down

You’ll fall asleep more easily if you’re in your bed while reading a book. Laying down may be tempting after a long day, but if you actually want to do some reading before hitting the sheets, it’s better to sit down or even walk with your book because you’ll feel less sleepy that way.

Drink or Snack

Having a cup of tea or a healthy snack, such as fruits or nuts, can also help you feel a little bit less sleepy. It’s less likely you’ll fall asleep when the book isn’t the only thing keeping you distracted.

Try Audiobooks

Nothing compares to flipping through the pages of a book, but your eyes may get too tired if you’re doing it before bed. Audiobooks are worth giving a try because you’ll have an easier time concentrating on them when you’re feeling a little bit tired.

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