“Bridgerton” Fan? Visit the “Bridgerton” Home in London, England

It’s been over a month since the most recent season of Bridgerton has (finally) come to Netflix, and some of us are still having a hard time getting over it. But whether you loved it, hated it, or found the final episode of the season unsatisfactory, ignoring it was not an option.

One of the staple locations of the show is the Bridgerton family home in Mayfair, where good tea is both sipped and spilled regularly; and not just at five o’clock. Well, how would you like to pay it a visit?

The exterior of the Bridgerton house is actually available for the public! Its real name is Ranger’s House, and it’s located (rather unsurprisingly) in London. 

Ranger’s House, a stunning Georgian villa, is located in the Greenwich neighborhood, right next to Greenwich Park. Other than being a major Bridgerton location, this 16th-century house is also a place of display for more than 700 works of art, from medieval sculptures to Renaissance paintings.

While you’re there, don’t be too disappointed when you fail to notice the famous wisteria tree from the show… it was actually added only for filming and is not an organic part of the building. But hey, everything else is there!  

Ranger’s House is open every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the cost of a visit is only $13 dollars per person. If you’re a Bridgerton fan, it’s definitely worth it.

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