3 Questions to Ask Your Tattoo Artist Before Getting a Tattoo

Thinking about getting inked? That’s exciting! A tattoo is a fantastic way to express yourself, but remember, it’s also a big commitment. Before you dive in, here are three questions to bring up during your conversation that will help ensure your tattoo journey is safe, comfortable, and exactly what you envision.

What is your experience?

A reputable artist will be happy to share their portfolio, which should include various examples of their past work. This not only gives you insight into their skill level but also helps you gauge whether their artistic style aligns with the vision you have for your tattoo.

Safety and sanitation?

Ask about the cleanliness of the studio and what steps the artist takes to ensure a sterile environment. Key things to inquire about include whether they use single-use needles, how they sterilize their equipment, and what measures they take to prevent cross-contamination. 

The aftercare process?

Proper aftercare is key to the healing of your tattoo and will significantly impact how your tattoo looks once healed. Ask the artist for detailed aftercare instructions. This should include information on how to clean and care for your tattoo, what products to use, what activities to avoid during the healing process, and signs of possible infection. 

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