Bride Makes 92-Year-Old Uncle Her ‘Something Blue’ in Heartwarming Story

This is a very sweet story, one that will make you cry. We all know the wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Alison Ferrell and her husband Matthew took this tradition to a whole new level. Alison’s uncle is a Marine who served in World War II.

Today, he is 92 years old. “When I got engaged, I knew I wanted to include my Uncle Bill, or as social media now calls him, ‘Uncle Blue,’ in a special way,” Alison tells Babble. “Coming from a close-knit family where I was taught to have respect and admiration for those in the armed services, this felt like a natural choice, to have Uncle Bill there in his dress blues.”

So Alison asked her uncle to literally be her “something blue.  “He accepted and made it his personal goal despite being in the hospital to be present at the wedding. When a nurse asked him, “What’s your goal?” his answer from the hospital was always: To be her ‘something blue’ on her wedding day.” He made it, the Marine was there that day and the bride couldn’t have been happier.

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