How To Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Interesting

Having a weekly date night commitment with your partner helps you two become closer and more connected. One in every four couples swears by scheduled date nights as a way to keep their relationship going. Once you have the right tools, you and your partner can use them to keep the fire burning in your own relationship.

Before starting, talk over a few things with your partner to make sure you’re on the same page. Set expectations around who is responsible for planning them. Alternating turns is a wonderful way for both people to get to experience the surprise of not knowing what the date will entail. If you don’t have combined finances, you should also talk about how paying will work (and prevent the “check dance”). The rule I use: whoever planned the date night should pay.

If you have kids (or pets that get lonely), find a reliable babysitting option, along with a backup, so your plans don’t get derailed by the kids. You can also save on the cost of a sitter by trading off child care services with friends.

To have successful date nights, you need to plan activities that make you and your partner feel excited. Focus on having a variety of activities that are new for both of you. You can use the novelty of these activities to revitalize your relationship.

Keep unique date ideas flowing by finding reliable sources of inspiration. Cancel off the activities you both already enjoy. If you like food, make a list of restaurants you want to try or look for local gatherings of food trucks. Sign up for email lists for attractions you like to visit, local forums, and community mailing lists—they’ll give you a curated list of nearby events to pick from.


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