Be Careful Of The New Snapchat Update

Social media platforms are constantly changing. Instagram and Facebook have been updating their algorithms to offer the best user experience for their customers. Technology is evolving day by day and the continued growth and adaptation of these popular social media sites don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Snapmaps is a recently added feature on Snapchat that allows people to view the locations of their Snapchat network. This additional feature also allows users to view snaps that were submitted to the Our Story feature across the entire world. This offers easy access to viewing popular sporting events, parties, celebrity events, movie premieres, concerts, and more.

The application is mostly used by Snapchat users in order to track and keep in touch with their friends. In order to use this feature, tap the Discover screen, Friends, or search button at the top of the camera. Then you can tap on any Map Story of your choice and view happenings from all over the world. You can also see the emojis of your friends pop up wherever they are located at the current moment. Now, while this is a cool feature and definitely has its benefits, there are also some pretty creepy cons to having this feature available as well.

The pros include being able to find your friends if they are lost, interact with global users by viewing their stories, and know places to go or avoid, depending on who is at a location at a given moment. T

here is one main con of this feature, that being that anyone who you are friends with on Snapchat can see your location at any given moment. If you forgot to block that creeper who keeps on harassing you, they have the ability to know exactly where you are, making stalking someone that much more easy.

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