Britney Spears Is Not Happy With These Lip Syncing Accusations

Britney Spears was not shy about defending her honor when people came at her and accused her of lip syncing during her concerts. She made sure to clear all of this confusion up before her next concert on July 3 in Tel Aviv.

Spears admits to using a bit of playback, like most artists do, because of the amount of dancing she does on stage. It would be extremely difficult for her to perform without playback because of the all the energy she has to exert.

These lip syncing accusations began when Spears was doing a concert in Tokyo and her microphone got stuck in her hair. Her vocals remained flawless even though her mic was messed up. This clearly sparked some suspicion, but she continues to deny these claims.  

Spears has scheduled multiple concerts overseas in locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tel Aviv. Over many years, Brit has given us joy with her iconic and legendary music. Her vocals are undeniably amazing, with or without playback. Aside from listening to her sing, the girl can truly dance.

We have a lot of respect for Britney for standing up for herself and speaking out when her talents were called into question. I say we all just let Brit be Brit and not call her abilities into question. 

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