Are You The One?

A new season of the popular, yet slightly raunchy TV show, Are You the One, is back and in full swing. If you enjoy watching a bit of trashy TV, speckled with the occasional love story and a whole lot of drama, then this is the show for you.

The show follows 22 young adults, 11 women and 11 men.  Each of these contestants, who have some form of relationship based issues, have undergone an intense amount of questioning in order to figure out what type of person would be their perfect match. Applicants to the show who appear to have another applicant as their perfect match are chosen to be contestants. The goal of the show is for each person to find their perfect match and if everyone in the house successfully finds their perfect match before the show’s time runs out, everyone’s wins $1,000,000 to split between them all. Each week, the contestants pair up in order to attempt to find their perfect match. For each successful match made, a beam appears. However, the perfect matches are not revealed and if no beams appear, then the group’s overall winnings are cut in half.  The past seasons of Are You the One have been successful, except for the last season where the contestants failed to discover their perfect matches.

This reality TV show is filled with drama because all of the contestants, who are very good looking, are thrown into a situation where connections are made with people who may not be their perfect match. Friendships and relationships seem to break as easily as they are formed, and there’s no telling what the outcome is going to be.

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