Achievable Goals That You Should Set at the Start Of Your Fitness Journey

It’s crucial to set fitness goals when planning your workout routine, but it’s equally important to be realistic about what you can achieve. Each journey starts with baby steps and these achievable fitness goals can help you get in shape and stay motivated for your workouts.

Daily Step Count

If you’re not ready to get into intense workouts just yet, at least try to stay active by hitting a certain number of steps each day. 10,000 is a recommended number you should aim for every day, and it can be a great cardio workout for fitness beginners.

Weekly Workout Number

Staying active doesn’t equal working out every day and pushing yourself to the limits. If you’re still a newbie, hitting the gym two or three times a week is all it takes to kick off your fitness journey the right way. Increase that number once you’re ready and feel comfortable with it, but still, make sure to set aside some time for rest days.

Eating Healthier

If you want to stay healthy and fit, your diet plays an equally important role as your workouts. You might be tempted to make dramatic changes and commit to rigorous diets, but that’s not necessary. Start things small, by cutting down on deep-fried and sugar-high foods that aren’t doing you any good.

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