Best Ways to Expand Your Social Circle Without Relying on Apps

Meeting people in the modern world without relying on apps and the internet seems like a mission impossible, but it truly isn’t. If you feel like your plans to meet people online aren’t panning out, here are some of the best ways to expand your social circle in real life.

Try Volunteering

If you have some free time on your hands, find a charity that aligns with your beliefs and try volunteering there to help the cause and meet like-minded people.

Hobby Clubs

Clubs and classes related to your hobbies and activities you’re interested in are also a great place to meet new people who are passionate about the same things as you.

Gym/Yoga Class

Instead of working out on your own, try joining a gym or yoga class. You’ll probably get to meet a few people that you can hang out with once the class is over.

Friend of a Friend

When friends that you already have invite you to spend time together, don’t dodge their calls. You’ll get to meet many interesting new people once you start moving in the same social circles.

Strike Up a Conversation

Instead of waiting for interesting people to come to you, be the first one to strike up a conversation at a library, art gallery, museum, or even a bar. Other people are often just as shy, but someone needs to make the first move.

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