3 Cities Where You Can Drink The Tap Water

Contrary to what many people think, there are other ways to drink water that aren’t out of a bottle or a purified pitcher. Indeed, there are many cities in the world where it’s actually totally healthy to drink tap water! Here are three cities where it’s not only cool to drink tap water, but also pretty tasty.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you’ve never been to Oklahoma City, this little tidbit will give you something to focus on when you actually get there. Thanks to six man-made lakes, the water in this city is pretty healthy and also quite delicious to drink!

Memphis, Tennessee

But out of all cities in America that are known for their exceptional tap water, one of the most lauded is none other than Memphis. Not just the hometown of Elvis Presley, this city is actually the home of some of the sweetest tap water in the world, thanks to its unique location and filtering process.

New York City, New York

Even though New York City is known as a concrete jungle, that’s not to say that it doesn’t have any connections to powerful natural resources. In fact, it gets its tap water directly from the Catskill Reservoirs in Upstate New York, an area known for its startling beauty and freshwater.

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