5 Tips for Finding a Mirror Shape That Works For You

No home is complete without a mirror or two and the shape you opt for makes all the difference. Luckily, mirrors are one of the most versatile home décor pieces on the market and they come in many shapes and sizes. This brief guide will help you find one that works for you.

Vertical Mirrors

Vertical mirrors with a square or rectangle shape are the most popular option on the market. They’re a timeless classic and can give your space a restrained look.

Horizontal Mirrors

Horizontal mirrors are not as popular as vertical ones, but they have their purpose. They can do a great job accentuating width and making your room look grander than it really is.

Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are another classic shape that’s never going out of style and they’ll do a great job giving your room a soft, whimsical vibe.

Multiple Mirrors

If you enjoy experimenting with your home décor, grouping several mirrors together is also an option. Just make sure they’re a good fit by opting for mirrors with similar frames and shapes.

Quirky Mirrors

Mirrors can also be a statement piece in your home if you opt for one with an unusual shape. Quirky mirrors will make your room truly pop, but it’s important to make sure they fit with the rest of your décor.

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