Is Remote Work a Sustainable Way of Life?

When our world was hit with the pandemic, many companies gave their employees the go-ahead to work remotely. Workforces all around the world were enabled to accomplish their various tasks at home, and in the midst of all this, companies realized… that it worked. With the pandemic calming down a little bit (hopefully for the long term), companies are now continuing to incorporate remote work as a mainstay policy. But is remote work a sustainable way of life?

Human Interaction

There’s something amazing about the fact that employees can essentially get all of their work done at home. This is something that companies wouldn’t have dreamed of decades ago, and now it’s super popular.

But throughout it all, people have also come to realize that they need physical human interaction. Something gets lost in the translation when you just see a bunch of people on a Zoom screen. Companies have found that some of the best collaboration takes place when employees are in the same place.

Hybrid Model

For this reason, most companies have adopted a hybrid work model, where employees are allowed a few days a week to work from home. This way, people can enjoy the various conveniences of working from home, while also engaging in physical meetings with colleagues throughout the week, something that has proved to be important.

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