5 Iconic Y2K Fashion Trends That Camila Cabello is Putting Back on the Map

Camila Cabello celebrated her birthday by hosting a Y2K-themed party earlier this year, so it goes without saying she’s a huge fan of this era. Her fashion choices have gotten more nostalgic than ever in recent months and here are five 2000s fashion trends that she can’t get enough of.


Denim-on-denim is one of the most polarizing Y2K trends, but Cabello seems to love it. She gave Britney Spears a run for her money with this double-denim ensemble that even included matching gloves.


Ugly crochet sweaters made a huge comeback in the last few years. If you feel like they look familiar, that’s probably because they used to be all the rage about two decades ago.

Lace-Up Dresses

Lace-up dresses are one of the biggest 2000s-inspired trends of 2022 and Cabello is such a huge fan of this craze that she even decided to embrace it with her Met Gala gown by Prabal Gurung.

Hair Bandanas

The “Havana” singer enjoys wearing lace-up items off the red carpet and she finished this look by embracing another quintessential Y2K trend—hair bandanas.

Scarf Tops

Scarf tops are one of the easiest nostalgic 2000s trends to copy and Cabello gave them her seal of approval with this colorful and carefree look.

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