Food-Inspired Collections are Summer’s Sweetest Beauty Trend


Popular culture has long been the main source of inspiration for our favorite beauty brands, but they’re taking a different approach this summer. Food-inspired lines are popping up everywhere right now, and these brands already embraced summer’s sweetest beauty craze.

Glamlite – Frosted Flakes

Glamlite broke into the beauty scene with makeup lines inspired by our favorite guilty pleasure foods, such as pizza and tacos. After joining forces with Hershey’s and Icee, their latest makeup line sees them team up with Kellogg’s for a Frosted Flakes-inspired collection.

Hip Dot – Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are never going out of style and Hip Dot fully understands decades-long obsession with them. They decided to pay tribute to the best-selling cookies with a makeup collection that features a wide range of lipsticks and palettes.

Revolution – Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola-inspired products can be found pretty much anywhere, but a makeup collection that pays homage to this popular beverage isn’t easy to find. Revolution decided to fix that with their amazing Coca-Cola collection.

Nails Inc – Magnum

If you’re looking for a nail polish that perfectly matches your favorite ice cream flavor, Nails Inc’s got you covered. They partnered up with Magnum for a line of chocolate-scented nail polishes just in time for summer.