3 Workouts Videos Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” That You Have to Try ASAP

Taylor Swift created quite a splash with her new album Midnights, and our favorite fitness gurus on YouTube can’t get enough of it. Amazing workout videos choreographed to the beat of Swift’s new songs are taking the world by storm, and these three will take your fitness routine to the next level.


If you’re still at the beginning of your fitness journey and want a chill workout that’s easy to follow, EmkFit’s YouTube channel will be your cup of tea. Her Midnights workout is just as carefree and fun as the rest of the videos on her channel, and it includes songs “Anti-Hero”, “Lavender Haze”, “Karma”, and “Bejeweled”.


We can count on Maddie Lymburner of MadFit to drop a new workout video every time Taylor Swift shares some new music with the world. She couldn’t resist making her own dance cardio workout to the beat of our favorite Midnights songs.

Kyra Pro

If ten-minute workouts don’t do it for you and you need something longer, don’t despair. Kyra Pro prepared a walking workout choregraphed to the beat of several Midnights hits, from “Anti-Hero” to “Vigilante S—t”. She also shared a longer 30-minute workout with her Patreon fans, featuring five additional songs.

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