3 Useful Tips For Walking 10,000 Steps Per Day Even When It’s Cold Outside

Reaching 10,000 steps per day is an easy fitness goal that we should all strive towards, but things can get difficult during the cold winter months. If you’ve noticed your step count tends to drastically decrease once fall and winter arrive, this brief guide will help you get back on track.

Indoor Walking

Walking indoors may seem like a silly way to keep up your step count, but it’s often the only way. If it’s snowing or raining outside, walking indoors is your best chance to hit 10,000 steps. Your house is most likely too small to easily reach this number, but you can always head to one of the big malls in your city.

Treadmill Walking

Most people use treadmills for running, but that’s not the only way to train on this machine. If you don’t feel like walking around your house or a mall, head to a local gym and give treadmill walking a shot because you’ll hit your daily step count in no time.

Better Days

Walking outdoors is more difficult once cold and gloomy days arrive, but it’s not impossible. Carefully monitor the weather forecast because some days are better than others and make sure to head outdoors whenever there’s no rain or snow on the horizon.

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