5 Variations of Trendy 2D Comic Book Nails That You Should Try ASAP

If we had to pick a single nail art trend that everyone seems to be raving about right now, 2D nails would make the cut. They look straight out of a comic book, and there are several variations of this trend that you could try—starting with these five.

Keep It Simple

There’s no need to experiment too much with these nails if you don’t want to because the basic style looks amazing, as well. It’s usually done with a matte finish in shades of white and beige, while black lines give it a 2D cartoon look.

French Cartoon Nails

French manicure is one of the most popular looks in the world of nail art. It’s never going out of style because it’s easy to adapt it to pretty much every rising trend out there, including the 2D comic book nails.

Add Some Color

If you’re not a huge fan of subtle nail art and want your nails as vibrant as possible, adding some color to the mix is always an option.

Make It Shine

2D comic book nails usually come with a matte finish to recreate the look of paper, but you can easily make them glossy or add some glitter to the mix.

More Is Better

If 2D nails are too simple for you, consider adding some hand-drawn details to the mix. They’ll add to their comic book vibe and make them really pop.

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