3 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mug Collection

If we have to pick one thing in our kitchen that we all have in abundance, mugs would probably take the cake. Whether you’re getting them as a gift or buying them for yourself every time you see one that you like, it’s most likely you have more mugs than you should, and this brief guide will help you declutter your collection.

Old and Cracked

If you have any mugs in your collection that are already old and cracked, it’s time to say goodbye. Some of them may have sentimental value, but if that’s not the case and you’re just using them out of habit, it will take no time to get used to a beautiful, new mug.

Collector Mugs?

Are you just buying every mug you like or do you have a carefully, curated-themed collection? If you’re collecting mugs inspired by your favorite movie or TV show, there’s no need to say goodbye to them, but at least try to decrease the number of random mugs in your kitchen.

The Numbers Game

Setting the maximum number of mugs that you should own is a good idea because it will stop you from buying new mugs that you don’t need. The “one in, one out” method can also help because you’ll have to donate, gift, or throw away an old mug every time you buy a new one.

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