3 Things To Remember When Buying Books As a Present

If you have a lot of book lovers in your life, you probably never struggle to find a present for them. Books are one of the most popular items to gift to people, but you should be careful when making your choice and abide by these three rules.

Check Out Their Bookshelves

If you have a habit of buying books as a present, pay closer attention to your friends’ bookshelves when you visit their homes. By doing so, you’ll never make the mistake of buying them double copies and you’ll get a better idea about their taste in books.

Personal Taste

Even if you like a certain book or everyone else is talking about it, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person you’ll buy it for will feel the same way. Try to buy books that align with their personal taste by talking to them about books and figuring out which genres and authors they like the most.

Ask Away

If you’re struggling to pick the right book for your friend, asking them to tell you what’s on their read list doesn’t hurt. This is especially a great idea with friends who aren’t huge on surprises but remember that you can always keep the receipt if you’re not sure you made the right choice.

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