Youtube Star Does Tinder Experiment

Tinder is a dating app that has become increasingly popular among teenagers and college aged students. People who frequent Tinder range from people who are looking for serious relationships to people who just want to hook up with as many people as possible. Tinder is largely based on looks, as people post their most appealing pictures to their profiles in order to get the most matches. Because of this, many of the users reject the majority of people based on any sort of flaw that they view as unappealing, without even reading the potential match’s biography description.

One of the most common deciding factors in terms of physical appearance is weight. People who are a bit heavier tend to get less matches on Tinder due to their weight. To test if weight is actually a major factor in the Tinder matching process, one college aged girl decided to conduct a social experiment of her own.

This girl is none other than the beauty blogger, Crystal Breeze. Crystal became YouTube famous after posting a video of how she has lost over 100 pounds. And frankly, she was stunning before and is stunning after. For this experiment, Crystal decided to go on a swiping right spree using her current pictures and then after some time, do the same thing using her old pictures when she was 100 pounds heavier.

It was no surprise that she got more matches with her thinner self. However, her chubbier profile received some love as well, and some people seemed genuinely upset when she told them that the person they had been talking to was actually 100 pounds lighter than they had originally thought. This goes to show that while weight may be a deciding factor for some, there are still people on dating apps, such as Tinder, who appreciate all body types.

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