You Can Grab A Coffee At Central Perk

There were a ton of shows that aired during the 1990s that would be sure to give you all the feels when rewatching episodes or thinking about the fun times you spent with your family on the couch every night to watch them. One of the absolute most iconic shows of the 1990s was Friends.

It seems as if everyone over the age of 20 living in the United States has watched at least a few episodes of the show, if not watched every single episode in its entirety. And, if you did not watch the show, you have undoubtedly heard about it. And now that Netflix is a thing, the Friends episodes are even more readily available than they ever have been, even with all of the TV reruns. The characters on the show were so thoughtfully enacted and were truly relatable for so many people.

Fans become nostalgic thinking about all the laughs they shared watching the different Friends episodes. The show hosted some iconic scenes in the coffee shop, Central Perk. Whether they were all meeting to catch up, secretly discussing drama, or grabbing a coffee with a date, all of the cast members shared many memories on the show in this locations. And you know what? There is a real life Central Perk that you can actually go to yourself.

Inspired by the coffee shop of the TV show, Central Perk opened up at 199 Lafayette Street in the iconic neighborhood where the show took place. This cafe has appealed to Friends fans from around the U.S and will continue to do so.

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