How to Know You’re in Love

What are the signs?

Have you already told him you love him but you don’t know if you’re in love? That is totally normal and it’s fine to not even know if you are in love. We have pulled together some of the bigger indicators that will help you know if you are in love or not. Everyone and every relationship, so some of these might not be good indicators for you or your relationship, but we covered most of the big ones.

  1. He is always on your mind… even when he shouldn’t be. Ever in class and you should be taking notes but you keep writing his name over and over again?
  2. You can’t get enough of this boy. You can spend hours and hours with him and even after you say goodbye you still want to see him for even longer.
  3. You see him in your future and you want him in your life for good. Maybe you have been in relationships before but didn’t think they would last or that he would be good for you in the long run? Well, tables have turned. You want to be with this boy forever.
  4. You’re jealous! You get upset when he mentions a girl or when a female friend texts him. You want to be the only girl he gives attention to and hate when other girls try to steal your spotlight.
  5. You have the feeling…you just know it’s right. Just like Mama always says, when you know, you know. You have a sense of security with him and are confident this is the right boy for you. It might even be the first time you have ever felt this feeling. It is one of a kind.

If you are experiencing some of these signs, it may be an indicator you are in love!

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