You Can Combine Two Passions Into One Career

We have a tendency in career pursuits to either do one or the other. We may pursue a certain career for years, only to eventually decide we hate it and move onto something else. But what if there was another option? Sure, it’s great to do new things, but what if you could implement parts of your old career into your new one?

It Makes You More Valuable

The thing is that whatever new career you’re joining, you may be surprised to learn that potential employers love your background. While your old career skills don’t have to be your primary focus, you can still allow those talents to make yourself seem like more of a well-rounded professional in the new field you’re in.

You Might Have Unique Insights

This leads us to our next point, which is that your two career backgrounds have made you a pretty unique individual. You may have insights that others don’t, and to that end you should brainstorm what kind of ideas come as a result. Instead of shunning out the past completely, have a positive mindset and embrace the power of connectivity. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with a surprise business idea you didn’t see coming!

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