Woman Seek Success Within Themselves, Less Focused on Marriage

For years, the concept of fairy tales and stories of true love have have been at the forefront of creating movie plots, story books, and TV shows. Typically, a woman who’s story ended with a proposal from her prince charming, or more recently, super successful business man, would be extremely heartwarming and quite honestly, expected.

These fairytales constantly reinforced the social status quo that in order for women to experience their happily ever afters, that they would need to accept a proposal from a man who’s charm, looks, and success would lead to their ultimate happiness.

Recently, society has veered away from the notion that a woman can only find true happiness if she has a man by her side. This new found “single and successful” woman is being seen across media platforms.

From celebrities like Rihanna who have spoken out about how they are happily single, to TV shows such as Jessica Jones and UnREAL where the main female character is proposed to but turns the proposal down, society as a whole and women’s views in general about what it means to have a happily ever after are changing.

Terms like “Boss Lady” are coming out in business settings too. This term refers to women who are in control and focused on their careers and are often even in charge.

Fortunately, times are changing and women are feeling less pressure to pursue marriage as their ultimate means of happiness. With more representation in educational environments, business companies, and leadership positions in general, women are learning to embrace the pursuit of self improvement and success instead of the pursuit of a husband.

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