How to Deal With an Annoying Ex

Unfortunately, most people have been in their fair share of messy and overall bad relationships. And while it takes a few bad experiences before most people typically settle down with someone who truly loves them, it is important to note that it does take a few not so great relationships in order to grow as a person and realize what you want in a partner and how you should expect to be treated.

However, that being said, sometimes the negative experiences that occurred during your relationship are carried over when your ex-partner realizes that he or she messed up. If someone is in a relationship and just expects their partner to give, give, give, without ever showing any effort in return, the person who is actually invested in the relationship most likely will not stick around for too long after months of not receiving the affection that they have given the relationship.

This is why so many people who messed around, cheated, and were overall bad partners tend to become clingy exes after the other partner breaks it off. When someone realizes what they are missing and realizes that they should not have taken advantage of the giving partner’s affection, they can turn into that term that many people know all too well, the “crazy ex”.

Especially when your ex-partner sees you with someone new, sees you becoming successful in your endeavors, and sees that they can’t do much better, they resort to trying to cling to the affection that you have shown them in the past. However, what is often sad for them is they don’t realize that although they may have been hard to get over at first, that once you get over them, you REALLY get over them.  

Sadly, all you can really do is be cordial to their texts and calls. However, when it gets to an excessive point, telling them that you are not interested is definitely valid, even if you think it’s a bit harsh. The tricky part is when they don’t stop even after you have told them that you aren’t interested. This is when it is perfectly acceptable to block all of their social media and phone number.

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