Wide Leg Jeans Are Back, and They Are Here to Stay

Throw out all your skinny jeans and start investing in some high-fashion wide-leg jeans this season. These jeans are ideal for the more casual laid-back look and they are so comfortable, you won’t need to jump up and down to get these ones on. There are more choices with wide-leg jeans than there were with skinny—you can choose from a high or low waist, a really wide cut, or a subtle wide leg. Whatever you choose, these jeans are here to stay and worth investing in.

Wide-leg jeans are also really easy to style. They go well with everything—a body suit, a knitted sweater, ankle boots, or sneakers. They can be worn as a daytime staple or taken into the evening with a sparkly top and some jewelry.

To start off your transition from skinny to wide leg, start with a very basic pair that has a slightly wide leg and that will match well with your go-to sneakers.

Once you get more comfortable with the style, you can start to go a little more daring and look for jeans that are really wide and maybe even low-rise. Whatever you feel comfortable with will work and you might never want to go back to skinny jeans again.

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