Why You Shouldn’t Let Friends Text Your Crush for You

Why You Shouldn’t Let Friends Text Your Crush for You

Asking your friends for advice when texting a new boy is something that we all do when we feel nervous, but that does not mean it is always a good idea for SO many reasons. When you’re first getting to know someone, you want your messages to come from you, and to represent your personality and who you are.

Even if you and your best friend are super similar and you think you text the same way, she is not you.

While you probably will be nervous the first few times you text a boy you may have a crush on, you should never let someone else have the responsibility of starting a good conversation with him.

After all, if you end up going on a date or grabbing coffee, it will be you who will have to spark the conversation, not your friend curating these messages which make you sound different than you really are. He might even pick up on this if you are super different in person than you are over text.

Getting advice from friends is always helpful, but remember that you are your own person. Even if your friend is super good with guys and seems to know what he’s talking about and what to say to this guy, it should come from you.

Say what you want to say and what your gut thinks is right, even if your friend thinks you should say something different. At the end of the day, this is for you, not for her! If you don’t think you should wait 4 hours before responding to his “hi” message, don’t! Text how you normally text and don’t let your friends make you feel bad or encourage you to play silly games.

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