How To Be Happy Without A Significant Other

Many joys in life occur in the presence of a significant other.  People tend to get wrapped up in different relationships and many times the sentiments that amount from the relationship determine the day to day emotions of the parties involved.  For instance, many people get very upset if their significant other does not reach out to them via text for a few hours. This in turn causes the disappointed party to have a negative mindset for the entire rest of the day.  In unhealthy and dependent relationships, people’s emotions fluctuate as easily and as quickly as the relationship. Many times, this leads to stress, poor mental health, and a dependency on your significant other to provide you with a feeling of happiness.

Especially in young relationships, people tend to tie their emotions to their relationship.  This causes loss of independence, loss of willingness to interact with friends who are concerned with how the relationship has taken a toll on your happiness, and and overall sense of instability.  It is important to be able to acknowledge these things that sometime come from dependent relationships.  And while not all relationships are bad, sometimes it is important to be happy and content with yourself before you enter into a relationship.

Sometimes, taking a break from being in romantic relationships offers the best opportunities for people to find themselves.  This time without having the added component of dealing with a significant other can lead to fostering and building other friendships, discovering different hobbies that you like to do, and even give you the necessary “me time” that is so essential for stress management in everyday life.  

Yes, relationships can be a source of extreme happiness.  However, it is important to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with another person.  So, if you’re feeling sad that you don’t have a significant other, just remember that being single comes with many perks and will enable you to foster a variety of relationships and find yourself.

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