Why You Shouldn’t Follow Fashion Trends

Culture is a really funny concept. Our society is a lot more connected than we realize, and we’re so incredibly influenced by those around us. This idea permeates itself in just about every aspect of the world, including religion, fashion, music, literature, and countless other things. Let’s talk about the fashion aspect for a moment. It can be hard to avoid it, but here’s why you shouldn’t follow fashion trends super closely.

With a Grain of Salt

There’s only a certain amount that you can actually avoid a fashion trend when it’s pretty much everywhere. We’re not suggesting that you deliberately wear the exact opposite that everyone else does. However, there’s a healthy level of independence that you can exercise that’ll make you feel like your wardrobe choices aren’t owned by a magazine.

Trends Come And Go

Trends will always change depending on what’s popular at the time. But while this is happening, you have the ability to carve out a unique path for yourself. You’re the one that’s here to stay, which is why you shouldn’t follow a trend just for the sake of fitting in. If you happen to like it, then go for it! But if something else speaks to you, do what feels right instead.

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