Why You Should Read 10 Minutes Before Bed Every Night

As we embark into an age of technology, it’s been said that individuals from the younger generations have much shorter spans. But whichever year you were born in, whether it be in the ’80s, ’90s, or new millennium, none of us are immune to the effects of 10-second TikToks, hyper-fast information overload, and the waning of our attention span as a collective society. For this reason, we believe everyone would benefit from reading 10 minutes before bed every night.

And With An Actual Book, Too

When we say reading, we mean you should open up an actual book and read. Not a phone or tablet, where you’re likely to get distracted from your article with about five different targeted advertisements. Not even a Kindle. We mean a real book.

It’ll Help You Focus

By committing to a mere ten minutes every night—which really isn’t that long, when you think about it—you’ll allow yourself to focus better. There’s something special about immersing yourself in a world, and not allowing anything else to distract you. On our devices, there are not only distractions, but distractions from the distractions. And we all need a regular break from them from time to time.

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