Why Heels are Better than Sneakers

We have put together the top three reasons why you should wear a pair of heels to your next pregame or party, even if you think sneakers are the better bet.

1. Heels will make you feel so confident!

There is nothing like the confidence boost you feel when you put on a nice pair of heels when you are feeling down. Who doesn’t love that rush of adrenaline when you look in your mirror and love what you see?

2. Heels will never go out of fashion.

If you buy a pair of heels that are good quality, you’ll be able to wear them a million times. Trends are hard enough to keep up with, but heels are here with us to stay. No matter the season, era or current trend, a good pair of heels is something that will never, ever be out of fashion. They are always totally in.


3. The height, duh!

If you aren’t totally convinced to wear heels rather than sneakers, this should do the trick. Heels will add some height and they are great for smaller girls who are looking for the extra inches.

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